In Terms of Soft Power, Bin Laden Was Losing

Should Have Fled to Nigeria

While Bin Laden did a good job of dragging us into expensive quagmires like he did to the Soviet Union, indiscriminately killing innocents like al Qaeda’s attacks in Jordan 2005 and Indonesia 2002 significantly drained his support. Most interesting to me is how much his support eroded in the Palestinian territories, the focus of much of his rhetoric and global crusade.

Egypt, Lebanon, and Turkey never thought very well of him for reasons we could make some educated guesses at: good education systems, governments committed to secularism or ethnic power sharing.

Nigeria’s sizable support through 2009 is pretty surprising. I’d venture a guess the MNC oil companies are not making a good impression over there.

Anyway, enough speculation. Point is, he was dropped by the region’s peoples long before justice caught up with him.

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