Why Do Some Liberals Have To Be So Self-Righteous on the OBL Killing?

On Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet, I’m seeing a lot of holier-than-thou talk about “proper” reaction to the assassination of Osama Bin Laden. In my networks, it’s all coming from young yuppies. It’s another disturbing case of armchair-quarterbacking by the privileged.

The only proper reaction is however you found yourself reacting – except if your reaction was to beat/murder someone or something. The celebrations did seem a little overly jubilant to me personally, but nobody should be telling other people how to celebrate for a couple reasons:

  1. If you lost a loved one, no one call tell you how to grieve properly (short of harming others).
  2. If you saw someone struggle with losing a loved one because of Osama’s action, then no one can tell you how to react properly.
  3. Bin Laden’s death is not, in fact, like the celebrations found in some corners of the world after 9/11. In one scenario, the person who planned the deaths of 3,000 innocents died, in the other, 3,000 innocents died. False equivalence in this is pretty disgusting. It’s hard enough that one innocent died in the raid.
  4. People should be accountable for their actions, and accountability for Bin Laden was kill or capture; capture was not judged to be very viable by professionals. Osama was in a well-guarded fortified compound, and intelligence indicated he would not let himself be taken alive. So this talk about “a true victory would be to get him in court” is pretty much said by people who are so ideologically rigid (self-righteous), that killing him is some ambiguous resolution. Do you think they would just let a Pakistani-American police team simply arrest OBL? Would he have gone pacifically? Let’s take the justice we can.
  5. MLK Jr. has some nice rhetoric and so does Jesus, “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

To which I agree. Nobody deserves to be judged for their reaction to this – Middle East Muslims included. Many of which I’m sure have mixed feelings. Life’s complicated.

Unless Bin Laden’s death is only a tragedy to you, in which case you’re an asshole. 

P.S. When I found out via text message, I was laying in bed. I got a little excited, typed “good” in response, read the news brief with a roommate, and then went to sleep more satisfied than I would have.

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