I Really Can’t Help But Compare Bush and Obama on Osama

Excuse the terrible rhyme, I can’t help myself.


In June 2009, Obama directed his CIA director to “provide me within 30 days a detailed operation plan for locating and bringing to justice” Osama Bin Laden. By August 2010 intelligence officials had identified the suspicious compound where Osama lived. Washington Monthly


Just six months after 9/11: “I don’t spend that much time on ’em [Osama Bin Laden]”

The tragedy of 9/11 was not the result of Islamic terrorism as a concept, terrorism is just a tool and Islam is a religion, it was the result of one Islamic organization led at the time by one man. Bush seemed to forget this, Obama never did.

And that’s why you’d have to be a complete nincompoop to prefer Bush.

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