Democrat-Controlled Legislatures Also Voting to Strip Union Rights

If a Democrat does something incredibly hypocritical, do we hear them?  Do we care?  No, not on the internet, because it’s an echo chamber of liberal talking points. Muppetpants- tumblr.

Uh, that first part’s right at least, and only that there’s been a lot less coverage of Massachusetts’ bill on the websites I read than Wisconsin and Indiana. Which leads me to something I’ve been meaning to write about, that targeting unions for state budget deficits is inaccurate.

The push by state governments to disadvantage unions is founded in the inaccurate belief that highly unionized states have higher budget deficits. There is no relationship.

A strong relationship can be found between states with budget gaps and high rates of toxic mortgages. So really, if state governments wanted to get their fiscal house in order, they’d be more actively pursuing policies that promote sustainable homeownership (EDIT: and employment), rather than the red herring of public unions.

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