Judges Have to Be Neutral?

Prop 8 proponents are very upset that Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled Prop 8 (outlawing same sex marriage) was unconstitutional, has revealed himself to be in a committed long-term same-sex relationship.

They think he should have excused himself from the case, because he was biased, by being gay and in a relationship.

Unfortunately, it seems that no justice could rule on this case without “bias”, because married heterosexual justices are biased towards Prop 8 supporters, and single justices are biased because they’re not even married! They think they’re better than married people? Prop 8 supporters have found the loophole in our judicial system that will doom us all…

Though not commonly known, this is why Brown vs. the Board of Ed was a legitimate ruling, because all the judges were white. If there were black judges voting, the ruling would have been totally inappropriate regardless of constitutionality.

Or something.

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