I Hope That Donald Trump Does Run For President

Not because it will raise the level of debate or add strength to the Republican field (oh ho I am funny) but because we can have comments like this below every day! At least it will make the painful 1.5 year presidential election cycle, where Obama may raise $1 billion (always the man of the people’s corporations) go more quickly.

Okay. Are you saying if you were President, you would take us out of Afghanistan?

Well, nothing’s simple. Because I don’t believe in foot soldiers. They get blown up on streets. But I do believe in airplanes that are 50,000 feet up. And when we see through intelligence what’s going on, knock the hell out. Oh, by the way, I’m much more militaristic than Obama. Wonkette

Donald Trump: I do believe we should be bombing at least 5 countries, minimum. Obama is only bombing Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Libya. I could competently bomb at least 20. I am also a better writer, because I have written more books.

And if he won, we’d be light years ahead in fulfilling the prophecy of the movie Idiocracy.

*Note: First tag of “2012 election cycle”. I wept.

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