Fake Outrage That Isn’t Accurate

One of NPR’s outgoing fundraising executives, Ronald Schiller, who was already scheduled to leave the company, was caught expressing a private opinion!

Schiller believes, “taking his NPR hat off” that Tea Partiers are “seriously, seriously racist people.”

Apparently, some people think this is a big deal, because an employee from an organization that accepts federal funds has a political opinion. I bet you O’Keefe could find any number of Halliburton, Bechtel, or Northrop Grumman executives who would express a personal political opinion at a business lunch – if O’Keefe chose to branch out. (He won’t).

So he stated an opinion to an inquirer (a Tea Party set up) who asked about the Tea Party in a personal capacity. I also personally believe that many Republicans, not just Tea Partiers, have issues with racial minorities, but I, like Schiller would never say it in an official capacity  – if I had an official capacity of significance. You can have personal opinions, it’s a free country. Schiller was pretty explicit it was his personal opinion.

O’Keefe strikes with another non-controversy that becomes a controversy simply by being reported. Where’s the vetting? NYT


UPDATE: And now NPR CEO Vivian Schiller (no relation) was forced to resign for an ex-employee giving a personal (and accurate!) opinion on the Tea Party, despite doing nothing wrong. Nice to see Americans, especially the Teabaggers, showing respect for the First Amendment…


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