Gotta Say I Told You So

Before the 2010 elections, I wrote an article about how moronic Wisconsin Governor’s economic plan was. It was written in size 72 font, even with the gargantuan font size it was short at 68 pages, and it was filled with stupid platitudes about tax cuts that will grow the economy out of recession, a recession caused by the implosion of the US financial system.

He’s just not competent and you could see it from a thousand miles away, in DC. He could have had a great victory over unions, forcing unions to pay more income back to their pensions and getting his reduction in budget size.

Instead he’s forced it into a ideological battle outside the realm of fiscal issues; one which he is now losing badly.

In a nonpartisan state poll from last week, he would lose a theoretical match up to his Democratic rival from 2010. More surprisingly, 48% of Wisconsinites want him recalled, but there is no way to do that. 55% of Wisconsinites say that public unions should have their current level of union benefits or more, and 57% say they have the right to organize without Walker’s restrictions.

For Walker, that’s a lot of wind out of the sails. Smart Republicans like Mitch Daniels of Indiana saw this blow back coming and got out of the way quickly. Walker, being incompetent, has made it a zero-sum game. Because he’s an asshole.

And to further shoot himself in the foot, he’s now threatening the individual districts of Democratic senators with steep cuts in funding in local spending (almost all local spending goes to local public schools). So he’s threatening the district children of Democratic state senators. You know, because he’s an asshole.

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