Kathryn Lopez on Why Planned Parenthood Should Be Defunded (Hint: It’s Gross, and Religious!)

Oh it’s because contraceptives get women pregnant and is inhumane, and here Lopez goes and totally skips the abortion reason, because there’s a deeper, more penetrating issue, that only the pure mind of Kathryn Lopez has grasped.

Perhaps nothing better illustrates that than a recent commercial for a contraceptive called Beyaz. Women walk into a store and literally shop for men. “It’s good to have choices.” A woman happily shakes her head at the stork and its offerings in a sassy “we girls can do anything” kind of way, promenading through an adult Barbie commercial complete with Ken, a dream house and a trip to Paris.

That commercial does not, needless to say, do justice to the pain and desperation many women suffer when they find themselves thinking about an abortion, or popping pills in pursuit of something that masks itself as satisfaction but is really just a bad substitute, oftentimes making true happiness all the more illusory.

As evidence of the reckless and dangerous callousness at institutions supposedly dedicated to women’s health — failure to report the sex trafficking of minors, failure to report child abuse — continues to emerge, we can’t afford to lose sight of another, more fundamental conversation that we’ve got to have, among friends, in our homes and churches — a talk about what it means to be human. Townhall – ew

Protected sex is inhumane? News to me. Lopez is totally right. Planned Parenthood’s help centers could report sex trafficking of minors and report child abuse. This will require more federal funding, not less. Complicating such reporting failures is the concept of patient confidentiality Lopez seems willing to run over. The point of Planned Parenthood is to let young women come to a place that removes societal judgment and focuses on situational, individual care.

More basic, I’d rank sex trafficking as a more fundamental issue for what it means to be human, rather than federally-funded clinics that offer contraception for women. Seriously? But for Lopz, Planned Parenthood’s contraception practice is the fundamental problem of women’s health!

Her argument for defunding Planned Parenthood is entirely religious. Ms. Lopez wishes to install tenants of a religion as government policy; this is promoting a state religion. Contraception is far more important than reporting things like sex slavery because it is evil  and inhumane according to the Bible. The Bible is actually totally ok with both slaves and pretty much mandates not spilling your “seed” outside of a woman (Genesis 38:9-10); as long as those sex slaves aren’t Jewish, I have a hunch God won’t have a problem and won’t lead them to any holy land/bring forth a plague upon me.

Reading this article makes me ask, has Kathryn Lopez ever had sex? And also, why is the Old Testament god so terrible?

PS. On further reflection, Genisis 38:9-10 would technically support birth control pills, because the seed could remain in the woman. The people who made up the Old Testament had no knowledge of birth control outside of the pull-out method now only utilized by stupid teenagers and abstinence-only educated (these two probably overlap), so their perceived god could never fathom a technically-correct male-female sexual act that could stop bringing a baby to term outside of abortion or miscarriage.

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