Semi-Weekly Friday Quote of the Day – Targeting Libertarians!

“Human beings are not “individuals” to begin with; a large majority of them are not even legally competent to contract.  The values of life are not, in the main, reducible to satisfactions obtained from the consumption of exchangeable goods and services.  Such desires as people have for goods and services are not their own in any original sense, but are the product of  social influences of innumerable kinds and of every moral grade, largely manufactured by the competitive system itself.  The productive capacities in their own persons and in owned external things which form the ultimate stock-in-trade of the human being are derived from an uncertain mixture of conscientious effort, inheritance, pure luck, and outright force and fraud.  He cannot be well  or truly informed regarding the markets for the productive power he possesses, and the information which he gets has a way of coming to him after the time when it would be of use.  The business organizations which are the directing divinities of the system are but groups of ignorant and frail beings like the individuals with whom they deal.” (interestingly) Chicago School economist Frank H Knight, courtesy of Buce

Libertarianism is lazy. Thinking consumers can outperform systems is lazy. Defenses for government intervention come out of the truth to the relationship between consumer and system. Merry weekend!

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