Cheese Head Bullshit: The Wisconsin Union Kerfluffle

By now you should know the setting. The last governor handed Governor Walker a small deficit that Walker made huge by cutting taxes by billions in an effort to attract businesses (seemingly ignoring that businesses also take into consideration infrastructure, education of populace, proximity to transportation hubs, etc. when decided to move somewhere). So now the state has a budget problem, not as large as many states, but still action is required.

Public sector unions agreed to cut their pensions to save the state money, but Governor Walker’s big political donors are conservative action groups intent on destroying union power in Wisconsin, so he and the Republican lawmakers added language to the proposed law that would make it extremely difficult to maintain unions and press for better benefits when conditions improved (if conditions improve in this increasingly ridiculous country).

And then Walker refused to take the union-killing language out, so the Democrat state senators left the state to prevent the law from passing. Tens of thousands have maintained demonstrations outside the state capitol and here we are.

The reasoning behind the conservative position doesn’t make sense to me in terms of ideology.

There’s this weird pro-individuality reason supporters of the Wisconsin anti-union spending bill try to use like this person below.

MaryKay Horter, an occupational therapist, supports the governor’s proposal: “I don’t get to bargain in my job, either.”

Because your workforce didn’t organize to try or failed in the attempt. So that means other workers who were successful in that endeavor, pay dues, and work together for common goals must be punished for the failure or different circumstances of your occupation? It’s a lazy bit of logic and it’s a really weird argument, essentially denying the work other people put in to securing their livelihoods because of your different economic situation. Workers have the right to organize; freedom of organization is in the Bill of Rights. Maybe your profession makes it more difficult to organize. Maybe you’re a small business employee, or a consultant, etc.

Yet, denying unions their successes because you don’t get the benefits is hardly a promotion of dynamic individualism conservatives are supposed to love. In fact, it seems a lot like conservative criticism of stereotypical liberals: forcing others to live by their standards through lawmaking.

And other pro-Republican beliefs are simply ignorant:

“Everyone else needs to pinch pennies and give more money to health insurance companies and pay for their own retirement,” said Cindy Kuehn, as she left Jim and Judy’s Food Market in Palmyra. “It’s about time the buck stops.”

Wisconsin’s public sector unions have already agreed to the cuts in their pensions. There’s only a large budget crisis because Walker gave away billions in tax breaks last summer. Governor Walker is simply trying to kill unions. The Democrat senators should stay away as long as it takes for a compromise.

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