Judge Vinson is Forgetting His History

At another point, he says that the Founders who rebelled against a tea tax would not “have set out to create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place.” Slate

In July of 1798, the Founding Father-Congress, with the Senate presided by Thomas Jefferson and John Daley (the youngest signer of the Declaration) the Speaker of the House, passed and President John Adams signed, An Act for the Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen, requiring private seamen to have health insurance.

First, it created the Marine Hospital Service, a series of hospitals built and operated by the federal government to treat injured and ailing privately employed sailors. This government provided healthcare service was to be paid for by a mandatory tax on the maritime sailors (a little more than 1% of a sailor’s wages), the same to be withheld from a sailor’s pay and turned over to the government by the ship’s owner. The payment of this tax for health care was not optional. If a sailor wanted to work, he had to pay up.

This is pretty much how it works today in the European nations that conduct socialized medical programs for its citizens – although 1% of wages doesn’t quite cut it any longer.

The law was not only the first time the United States created a socialized medical program (The Marine Hospital Service) but was also the first to mandate that privately employed citizens be legally required to make payments to pay for health care services. Upon passage of the law, ships were no longer permitted to sail in and out of our ports if the health care tax had not been collected by the ship owners and paid over to the government – thus the creation of the first payroll tax in our nation’s history.

When a sick or injured sailor needed medical assistance, the government would confirm that his payments had been collected and turned over by his employer and would then give the sailor a voucher entitling him to admission to the hospital where he would be treated for whatever ailed him.

While a few of the healthcare facilities accepting the government voucher were privately operated, the majority of the treatment was given out at the federal maritime hospitals that were built and operated by the government in the nation’s largest ports. Forbes

So, anyone who says the Founding Fathers would have been appalled by a mandate to buy health insurance or appalled by government provided health care, please just shut up and stop projecting your values onto dead men who didn’t even follow your beliefs. The almost religious projection going on with the modern right wing cretinism with the Founding Fathers is profoundly ridiculous.

Mercantilist American slave-holding white men 213 years ago were more progressive on health care than modern right-wing ideologues. Really, just stop. It’s getting tiring.

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