Shooting + Outrage = MONEYMONEY GLOCK SALES CHACHING $$$$$$$$

The extended magazine (31 bullets) on the Glock Loughner used to commit mass murder, killing 6 people,  critically injuring Representative Giffords and injuring 13 others counts as an assault weapon. This is how he managed to commit mass murder and not just murder.

This type of glock was banned until 2004, when the Republican majorities in the Senate and the House did not extend the ban on assault weapons.

Handgun sales were up 60% this Monday in Arizona from the January Monday last year, 65% in Ohio, 38% in Illinois, and 33% in New York.

The semi-automatic handgun costs a mere $499. Get it while it’s hot folks!

I guess the expectation people are taking from this is that now the government’s definitely going to take their guns. Or they thought “wow that’s some firepower. I need me one.” This country.

Gun sales also jumped after the Virginia Tech 2007 massacre. The shooter also used a glock. What is wrong with Americans?

“It’s in the news now. I’m sure the Green Bay Packers are selling all kinds of jerseys today as well,” he said. “I just think our state embraces guns.”

I will gather my friends. We will watch the Virginia Tech massacre bare chested, spelling G-L-O-C-K as we sit on the couch and drink beer. It will be cold Budweiser beer, because Clydesdales also like assaults. In the name of Arizona’s past time. Christ, that’s some analogy. AP

Apparently there is no event that can turn off America’s fascination with gun violence.

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