I Used Overheated Rhetoric, a Thing I Was Criticizing Others For – Woah.

Part of the purpose of this blog was to not be so hysterical about politics, but I got hysterical over this shooting. I made some changes to my recent posts on the subject, and I’ve explained why I was so below.

  • People who think this had nothing to do with politics aren’t sick. They’re just looking for reasons to blame only one person for this, and of course, Loughner is to blame. But there is a reason we study the thought environment of eras in history to make sense of events. McCarthy seems like a sociopath, unless you take into account the fear and paranoia spread throughout the 50s culture through media and culture. What I think these people have to be careful to do, is to not absolve themselves of abiding such fear mongering by saying this is the work of only one madman. In a culture where powerful and loud voices are pushing fear and paranoia, a crazy was going to snap, and then one did.
  • Watching the signs of this, worrying about it in that removed way you worry about things you can’t control and to see it finally happen, made me angry. Didn’t the Right consider how the unbalanced would take their rhetoric? Not everyone is as jaded as politicians. Some people are much more earnest, and the mentally ill are usually the most earnest of us all.
  • Broadly, the Left views the government as a vehicle for helping people and the Right views the government as oppressing the freedom of the individual. Jared Loughner was definitely in the latter category.
  • The last time a Democratic president was in office and pushed for national changes, the Right’s rhetoric went crazy. And a paranoid anti-government Right Winger blew up the IRS building in Oklahoma. This time, a Democratic president pushed for national changes and the entire Right went even louder and crazier, and a Right Winger tried to assassinate members of the governing majority. This has happened twice in a row. This is not a coincidence. Those who view the government as oppressors haven’t reacted violently when Republicans have control of government. This is just what has happened, and that’s why this is political. The political situation has affected how the mentally ill form government conspiracies in their heads, and both times in the last twenty years, the Extreme Far Right has come out and killed people for it.

Anyway, I made some changes to the posts below. My bad everybody.

  • Also, this is not to say that the Extreme Far Left doesn’t have crazies, but they tend to try to disable whaling boats and be self-sustainable in their communes, not murder the opposition and their “conspirators.”
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