And As of 1 AM, 8 hours after Representative Giffords was Shot, Sarah Palin Still Has Up That Crosshairs Graphic on Facebook

I guess she doesn’t see the connection between putting Representative Giffords in crosshairs and that Giffords was shot by a conservative anti-government extremist.


And here’s Sarah Palin, passing obvious correlations on to the shooter.

In a radio interview Saturday night, one of Ms. Palin’s top aides, Rebecca Mansour, said of the map of lawmakers: “We never, ever, ever intended it to be gun sights.” Ms Mansour said attemps to tie Ms. Palin to the violence were “obscene” and “appalling.”

“I don’t understand how anyone can be held responsible for someone who is completely mentally unstable like this,” Ms. Mansour said. “Where I come from the person who is actually shooting is culpable. We had nothing whatsoever to do with this.” NYT

If you never intended the symbols to be gun sights, why are they gun sights?


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