Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) Cannot Be Contained By the Constitution

My former congressman (since I live in DC I no longer have representation for various unjust reasons) wrote a particularly hilarious newsletter recently.

As Chairman of the Congressional Constitution Caucus, I believe it is time we return to the constitutional principles that make this country great, which is why I offered an amendment to the House rules package this week that would have required all legislation to appropriately cite a specific enumerated power in the U.S. Constitution.  Under my rule, the “common defense,” “general welfare” and “necessary and proper” clauses would not be considered appropriate constitutional citations. If a bill or amendment failed to comply, it would be subject to ten minutes of debate followed by a vote on whether or not to move forward with consideration of the bill or amendment.  Unfortunately, my rule was not adopted but I promise to do all I can to keep fighting the good fight to limit government to the specific powers enumerated in the Constitution. Garrett

Yes let us casually ignore parts of the Constitution that make it tricky for Representative Garrett to remain so ludicrously ineffectual. I mean, the necessary and proper clause is too flexible. It can be used to justify a lot of things, so let’s ignore the entire bit of it. We’re originalists! We want to interpret the Constitution as it was written. Sarcasm off.

Rep. Garrett may (may) be principled in his insanity but dishonest when facing constitutional barriers to his political view. We should not allow this, as persons and in our representatives. For instance, I do not like guns. There are too many normal people with guns who hurt/kill themselves and others just by having guns in their house. However, I have read the Constitution and the Second Amendment is ironclad. Citizens have the right to own guns. I know this, because it’s written plainly in the Constitution. Like the necessary and proper clause.

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