God, Does Any Politician Apply Important Court Rulings to Their Thinking?

I have said that I believe the question you’re raising is a serious legal question that has to be answered. In other words, this is very sensitive stuff because it gets into the America’s first amendment.

But if you go from the initial crime – Private Manning charged with the crime of stealing these classified documents, he gives them to WikiLeaks – I certainly believe that that’s a — Wikileaks has violated the Espionage Act. But then what about the news organizations including The Times that accepted it and distributed it? I know they say they deleted some of it, but I’m not here to make a final judgment on that. But to me New York Times has committed at least an act of bad citizenship. And whether they’ve committed a crime, I think that bears very intensive inquiry by the Justice Department. Joe Lieberman

It’s called the New York Times Co. vs the United States Supreme Court decision.

Look it up Lieberman, you douche bag. It’s not a crime for third parties to distribute secrets given to them.

Or you know about it and you’re just trying to score points with Fox News, so you can take  Republican votes during your reelection in 2012. Ugh.

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