Senator Hatch Makes No Sense on Tax Cuts


“With only 28 days until middle-class families, job creators and investors are hit with massive job-killing tax hikes, Senate Democrats are scheduling pointless tax votes that have no chance of becoming law,” Hatch said. “Pandering to their political base with these votes isn’t the responsible action the American people are demanding from their elected officials.”

Senate Democrats are holding two votes: extending Bush’s debt-laden tax cuts for those making less than $250,000, and those making up to $1 million.

Senator Hatch, you are full of shit. Middle class families make around $80,000 dollars. Democrats want their tax cuts extended. Stop tying tax breaks (and that’s what they are, the Bush tax cuts weren’t designed to be permanent) for multi-millionaires, with the tax cuts to middle class Americans. They are not the same thing when balancing recession relief with deficit-reducing efforts.

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