The 2010 Midterms Couldn’t Have Been A Referendum on Obama’s Policies

Because a majority of Americans do not know what Obama’s policies are. This is because Americans enjoy making decisions in ignorance. How can I say this? Because I’m a red-blooded American.

For example, at work I’m choosing the corporate web platform for our new website, despite knowing nothing about web platforms.  In this microcosm, my product will be the most awesome entity on the internet, because what else could it be if I don’t know what I’m talking about? This is the secret to American greatness. America is greatest, because we patriots do not know enough basic information to form an alternative to consider.

This explanation is the only way the 2010 midterm election surveys make sense. There is only information that validates preconceptions. All else is noise.

These statements are facts.

So why is it that most voters believed the opposite?

I’m re-blogging the ideas based on this article.

American voters have to be better. We have to be better informed. There is a thing called Google, and it either validates my opinions, or makes me change my opinion, every day. We should use this Google more.

I’ll leave you with this long quote, which I thought was salient.

Regardless, the ultimate point is that, just as it would be ridiculous for me to disparage a restaurant at which I’ve never eaten, we can’t proclaim that we’ve seen a referendum on Obama’s policies if most voters have no idea what those policies are.This is something we’ve known at least since Churchill said the best argument against democracy is five minutes with the average voter. On many occasions, people vote with their hearts and their fears, not their heads and their informed choices. And I’d venture to guess that some people even vote for things out of hatred for African Americans or whites or gays or whomever, factors that have nothing to do with how best to improve America’s common good.

Tuesday wasn’t a referendum on Obama. It was a nation of worried, increasingly poor people walking into voting booths and praying that someone, anyone, will help them stop worrying about their mortgages and fill their refrigerators with food again. I’m not sure anyone can say whether those fear-based emotions are right or wrong, but we can say with certainty that terrified emotionality rarely leads to precise perception.

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