Elections! Exciting, wait, not that adjective. Taxing (haha)

As I sit near my computer watching election returns and getting imbibed, because I have nothing better to do than obsess over events I do not control, I am thinking of two things. Isn’t liveblogging just a written radio, much much worse than the television? And, the results are pretty predictable in the Senate. This isn’t a realignment. If in 2012, the Republicans hold their gains in the Midwest and South, and their gains among women, then that’s a realignment.

  • The Northeast Senate seats staying in the same hands. The Dodd seat went to the Democrat, Blumenthal, and the Judd seat of NH went to the Republicans.
  • Manchin, a popular governor, has won the West Virginia Senate seat. He’s a popular guy. The fact that he’s a Democrat apparently didn’t hurt him enough.
  • “Mr. Paul also declared that “government does not create jobs,” just minutes after he secured a government job in Washington.” NYT. Haha true, he is a moocher of his father’s fame and the government’s payroll.
  • Louisiana re-elected Vitter, a man who hired a prostitute and proceeded to poop in diapers in front of her. Better that than the alternative, I guess. Whoever that is.
  • Only 3 Senate races really surprised me, how easily the Republican candidate took down Feingold in Wisconsin, even with a more conservative 3rd party challenger, that Lisa Murkowski looks set to have won her seat as an Independent (so long Palin endorsements), and that Harry Reid won. That guy was considered a goner by everybody.

In the House, early results look better for the Democrats than expected.

OMG the media is saying it’s over for Democrats in the House, but I only see 13 20 31 38 60 in the bank for Republicans in net gain. What soothsayers have they employed? Fine, maybe. Waaaah! Alright, pollsters win, I’m going to bed. You know the populace is discontented when in four years it gives two 50+ seat swings to the party opposite the presidency.

  • Democrats picked up an unexpected seat in Delaware’s at-large district. Mike Castle, the DE congressman, resigned to pursue a DE Senate seat, only to lose the primary to O’Donnell. He must be crying, naked in the dark, his cheesy corn puff stained hands holding his big wet tears as he takes another swig of Jack. Moderates have no place in today’s Republican Party. (I know, because I was one, once, a long long time ago. I was a child. I was a Republican before I grew up.)
  • Blue Dogs lost: Chet Edwards, Bill Nye, Boucher, Davis. This is the “Anyone But” phenomenon. In a divided electorate, small changes of opinion to the opposite of the status quo are common. In 2008 this benefited Democrats, in the past, Republicans. Expect it to change in future elections. Nothing surprising here.
  • Also not surprising: Democrats are losing seats in the South. The black man failed! (Sorry for that comment, maybe)
  • The first black Alabaman woman has been elected to the House!
  • Democrats lost big in the South. This isn’t a big surprise, it’s the only region that voted more Republican in ’08 (I wonder why – no I don’t). What was a BIG surprise was how crushed the Democrats got in the Midwest. DAMN.


  • Are boring Except for:
  • Lincoln Chafee, the Independent-Former Republican, won the RI Gubernatorial race in RI? I like the idea of having more independents in high offices. Add that to the likely Murkowski win with Bernie Sanders and Lieberman in the Senate, and Bloomberg in NYC, and we have the most independents in important offices that I can remember in a while.
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