A Lesson in Irony Using Political Violence as an Example

Irony: Being tread on by a person wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” button

It was the guy on the right who did the stomping, the featured guy did the pushing

Multiple accounts confirm a left-leaning protester was curb stomped by Rand Paul supporters outside a Senate debate at the Kentucky Educational Television building in Lexington. The man on the right curb stomped the woman, while the man on the left pushed her down. There was an account of a man who also held her down while she was beaten, but I don’t know if it’s the guy on the left.

Hey it turns out, it was this guy Tim Profitt, whose endorsement Republican candidate Rand Paul publicly touted in an ad. He has the fine moral character Rand Paul looks for in local Kentucky leaders. You know, the kind of man who has his associates tackle a woman he disagrees with so he kick her when she’s helpless.

Tim Profitt


Blue  Bluegrass

The Associated Press

EDIT: Hi, its George. Here is a video of the lady being stepped on.

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