Boy Scouts Try to Defend Bigotry With “It’s Tradition”

So much terribleness here. CNN: Boy Scouts tell gay leader to take a hike.

“We do have a policy that avowed gays and atheists are not allowed to be a registered leader or member of Boy Scouts of America,” said Pat Currie, Scout executive with the Circle Ten Council. “It’s a longstanding policy.”

Jim Crow laws were also longstanding policy. Longstanding bigoted rules are just as wrong as recently enacted bigoted rules.

“This is not meant as a social commentary,” Boy Scouts of America Director of Public Relations Deron Smith said. “We do not have an agenda that we’re pushing. We don’t discuss this with our kids. We’re simply an organization that feels like this is the right thing for our membership and we move it forward and we simply focus on our mission. It’s really that simple.

No, it is social commentary, whether Mr. Smith means it to be or not. The Boy Scouts of America is designating a social group as unfit to be leaders and role models for children.

The gay father, Jon Langbert, says the system is a policy of “separate but equal.” He’s wrong though, it’s separate and unequal. If he was straight he would have continued in a leadership position, but he’s gay, so he can’t be involved in any formal manner.

I’m an Eagle Scout. The Boy Scouts were supposed to teach me about morality and fairness, but I had to learn its real meaning outside the organization. This is wrong. Maybe I should return my award if this policy isn’t removed. I’ll look into it.

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