That This Makes Sense Shows How Screwed Up Our Health Care System Is

Several leading insurers, including WellPoint, Aetna and Cigna, have also objected to new rules requiring them to cover even those children who are seriously ill, warning that they will stop selling new policies in some states because the rules do not protect them from having to cover too many sick children. NYT

It is bad business to cover sick children. ‘Seriously ill children’ probably means that they will be seriously ill throughout their lives. Health insurance only turns a profit if customers have to pay money for services they rarely require. A kid with cystic fibrosis is always going to need treatment.

Now if you have any morality at all, you probably agree that children should have health care, because they’re children, but our health care system isn’t designed so that anyone can get care when they need it. This is just the reality and it’s because health care is a business.

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