Still Waiting

Its Wednesday. I’m waiting for the pile of evidence from those Air Force folks about the UFOs. They said it would be released Monday. The Washington Post has a funny write up:

When it was time for questions we stood in line at a microphone. I didn’t catch where the first guy was from, but he said that he worked at “naval headquarters” during the Carter administration and remembered an officer telling him, “Do you know we have aliens on ice?”

The man said he had been contacted twice by aliens, both times in Santa Monica, Calif.

Another man got up to say that there is almost certain geological proof that two planet-wide nuclear wars have taken place on Earth.


When my turn came, I addressed my question to Charles Halt, who in 1980 was the deputy commander at a U.S. base in the east of England. On Dec. 27, he was summoned to a forest near the base by a security team who had spotted strange lights. “Off in the forest was a bright glowing object,” he said, “like a red, blinking eye dropping molten metal.”

Was I right in hearing him say that he’d had a camera? What became of the photos?

The film came back fogged, he said.


I grabbed a cookie on the way out.

Hmmm indeed. And mmmm to the cookie. Cookies rule.

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