Washington Post Writes a Good Article on Pertussis

And you can find it here.

And the topic is quite serious. Pertussis outbreaks are occurring in California and Indiana. My opinions are vaccines are obvious if you are a regular reader of this blog (I support them). And as good as it would feel to blame the outbreaks on the anti-vax movement, I really can’t. Sure it is partially responsible for the outbreak in California, which is occurring in an area with a lower vaccination rate, but the pertussis vaccine isn’t perfect either. We need to get a booster as an adult (Big-pharma conspiracy to make us get more vaccinations and give them money ahhhhhhhh!). This isn’t helping the population maintain herd immunity.

Another factor that might add to the outbreak is un-vaccinated immigrants moving to these areas, although there is no evidence to support this. It’s really tough to discover the true cause (or causes) of this current outbreak, but it is worth paying attention to. I’ll probably get a booster shot this fall, practicing what I preach and stuff.

EDIT: The NYT just posted a thing on adult vaccinations.

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