Scott Walker Didn’t Learn that Making Your Font Size Bigger Doesn’t Get You a Better Paper

These are tough times: 10 million in unemployment insurance, a record number of uninsured, household debt against GDP is the highest at least since 1975 (our economy is 70% driven by consumer spending – making these levels of economic activity likely untenable if the trend continues).

Fellow Americans, we need a plan. A mighty plan, with bullet points and infographics etc, written by really smart people who understand how to get the economy moving.

Don’t worry Wisconsin, your gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker (R) has come up with a plan. See Scott’s Plan for Getting an A in 8th grade english class.

In fact, his plan is so simple and so brilliant, he decided to make the 68 page document in 72 font. Maybe I’m not explaining this as well as a picture. Below is literally an entire page.

If you peer into the mostly white space of this PDF, you can see intense months of thought and ceaseless analysis of economic data that birthed these words.

from investing in what? I must flip the page as quickly as possible to complete this sentence and find out what to prevent

A hint that a plan/document/anything is not well thought out is when it starts “One of the keys to the future of our state’s economy is setting and meeting goals.” Personally, when I’m trying to do something I just start the damn thing willy nilly. Like right now, I’m vomiting words and not really knowing where

Allow me to write out Scott Walker’s economic plan into bullet lists. Yes, his entire 68 page plan, in almost the same amount of words, is listed below.

Lower Taxes:

  • Lower heavy tax burdens that prevent businesses from investing in facilities and payrolls (normal Republican talking point)
  • Repeal job-killing tax increases, specifically on early stage and investment capital (But that tax isn’t increasing, it just exists)
  • Elimination of corporate taxes for first 2 years of a business
  • No state tax on retirement income

Eliminate Red Tape:

  • Regulations should be science-based and predictable
  • Written in simple, easy terms to end bureaucrat’s “gotcha” mentality (ugh)
  • Issue permits withing 60 days, if 180 days have passed, the permit is approved regardless

End Frivolous Lawsuits That Kill Jobs:

  • He will end frivolous lawsuits! so that businesses can invest. That’s great but his plan doesn’t say how he’s going to do that. But he will get it done because he has a plan. Tautology!

Ugh I can’t go on. Real plans address problems. Wisconsin doesn’t have high unemployment because bureaucrats are choking businesses with red tape or because businesses pay too many taxes. As discussed in archived posts, businesses report the reason for no new hires is low demand for their products. None of his policy points address this, even if he spreads out the text over another 100 pages. You can cut start up taxes all you want but if entrepreneurs don’t think consumers are willing to spend they’re still not going to go for it.

And he is ahead in the polls by 8 points over his Democratic rival.

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