Another Vaccine Study

Hello everyone. You guys smell that? It’s my dead horse, you know, the one I’ve been beating since Austin and I started this blog. Well, I ain’t done beating it.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing about the new study, enough people much more qualified than I have already done so (quite thoroughly too), but I do have a few comments.

1) This should be it, the final piece of evidence needed to convince those who still think thimerosal-containing vaccines are harmful, but it won’t be. Mostly because of evil Big Pharma controlling the medical world, etc, makes the results pointless to the paranoid few living in their own reality.

2) Now here’s a funny thing:

In the covariate adjusted models, we found that an increase in ethylmercury exposure in 2 of the 4 exposure time periods evaluated was associated with decreased risk of each of the 3 ASD outcomes. We are not aware of a biological mechanism that would lead to this result.

Strange, to say the least. That is the exact opposite of what most of the anti-vax crowd is saying (or was saying before they moved the goal-post to the “too many too soon” thing).

Go read the study for yourself. It’s pretty through and very well done.



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