Soldiers Allegedly Evil, America’s Newspapers Probably Awful

Twelve US soldiers have been charged by the US military with forming a ‘kill team’ that murdered Afghan civilians for fun, performed cover-ups of the massacres, and sometimes collected body parts. There is strong evidence, including testimonies by peers and a confession by one of the American suspects, that they did indeed perform these horrible acts. They haven’t been found guilty yet.

I found this on the Guardian, a UK journalism site, today dated yesterday 9/9/2010.

It’s a big story and has significant (probably dire?) implications for the counterinsurgency “win the hearts and minds” in Afghanistan, just as much as the canceled hick Koran burning,  so where’s the traction on this story? Why isn’t every journalist in America ‘t jumping on this story? Why isn’t every public official forced to weigh in by media types?

I searched “soldiers killed Afghans”, “soldiers mutilated corpses”, and “soldiers charged with killing Afghans” on the big MSM sites. Here’s what I got.

  • Washington Post: the paper DC reads (haha). Surely you’re on this? No,  zero hits in the archives. Awesome.
  • New York Times. The standard bearer of journalism, what you got? No
  • CNN? YES! CNN pulls through with their Afghanistan blog, which is quite educational and focused on providing consistent coverage of Afghanistan war. Not something the MSM can say about most topics.  MSNBC and RationalReview covered it through links to the CNN article.
  • Focus Information Agency got it, but you guys aren’t really American MSM. Sorry.
  • Los Angeles Times: A hit!
  • And Fox News.

OK so how do two of our top papers not cover this story, and for those that did it’s a side story, but every one of these media organizations covers the Koran burning prominently? Both incidents are isolated and inflammatory. But I think the random indiscriminate targeted killings of Afghan civilians by US soldiers for fun is going to be more of a recruitment drive in Afghanistan than now-canceled plans to burn Korans in Florida. This is such a depressing example of how sensationalism and jumping on the bandwagon drives the media business.

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