I Restored Honor With Glenn Beck All Around the Lincoln Memorial, and Later Around the Entire Mall

**Leaping Founding Father’s – I didn’t blog about the Glenn Beck rally, which I attended. So here it goes.**

It wasn’t your young person’s rally. There were families, but a majority of the crowd were white, middle aged, overweight couples. And there were a lot of people there. Certainly not 500,000, or anywhere near Obama’s inauguration of 2 million (that was nuts) but 300K seemed do-able to me.

Your writer and his very capable assistant dared the Restoring Honor rally on Saturday. What we saw were lots of white people sitting down and listening to big screens. It must have seemed very natural for them, with the sitting and the listening to Glenn Beck and the Sarah Palin while cheering on the talking heads on the large screens.

The crowd's numbers were about what Obama's inaugural concert was like, in your author's estimation

It wasn’t angry really. I think I can say that with a lot 1.5 hours of wandering the crowds invested in that statement. Most people seemed to have come to prove a point, that they wanted to change the country. Perhaps in ways undesired or antithetical to rationally applied American ideals, but, well I guess what I’m trying to say is that they weren’t mean about it. On this day. I’m told only 5 people were arrested near the White House, so well done guys on being law-abiding.

Judging from the hyped up Americana memorabilia, it’s clear the crowd viewed themselves as the consummate Americans. This is the heart of the Tea Party/Glenn Beck movement, the idea that the values they hold are the American values. I point you to Exhibit A. I only have four American Eagles on the roof of my car, so I’m 1/4th the patriot this lady is, sadly. (Seriously, expand this photo, some of the stickers are classic nonsense).

Then they came for the meth addicts

First they came for the smokers, and did nothing but add a bumper sticker

This Lincoln impersonator was also a big hit. I guess they forgot he suspended habeus corpus, a VERY Big Government thing to do. But he did free the slaves and won the Civil War, which got him a monument, which MLK stood on to deliver the best speech in history, which allowed Glenn Beck to Restore Honor. So we forgive him.

A house divided against itself cannot stand?

So the rally went off without a hitch, who knows what it really meant, because I don’t think the rally organizers really cared about a deeper meaning. Simple point: they just wanted to rally to show they’re engaged (to Restore Honor, a vague, easy thing to bandwagon with), which is a totally American thing to do in your author’s opinion.

But just to show that a little wackiness hovered at the edges of the rally, I received this ad for 30 year food storage from a solicitor at the rally. American entrepreneurship can smell the needs of the paranoid from half a continent away (estimating the distance between Real America and DC = 1/2 continent).

Don't worry about the massive preservatives pumped into the food needed for a 30 year shelf life, it's gourmet!

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