Christian Science Books Provide Laugh; Followed by Despair

Knocking Christian-themed science books! You may exclaim. Am I being lazy? You may also ask. Meh, maybe. But, it exists, and it was published as an education and so is fair game.

Summary of the great, unmanageable mystery that is electricity

Yeah Faraday has never observed it, despite building an electric motor and all. Interesting caveat with we can only feel what electricity does to our senses. By this logic, how an apple tastes and feels, or how it drops to the ground, is not the same as observing an existing apple. But according to the Psalm everyone who has been shocked from an electric outlet, what they felt was never electric current, no way no how, that was God’s voice as he shook their finger/appendage. Think about it. At best this picture was from the 70s; there is no excuse for this ignorance.

Just Google electricity, plz. The search engine really is the anti-bullshit. Or the multiplier of, but that’s for another day.

PS. If I didn’t have electricity when I went to school, I’d call the utility company and hook myself up. Or build a giant aquarium with electric eels and I’d force them to fight whenever I wanted to take a shower, or potentially blow dry my hair, if I allowed myself to do such a thing (I don’t).

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