CNN Contributor Redeems CNN!

If you follow this blog, and there seems to be a growing number, you know I despise CNN’s coverage as lazy and far too deep in the info-business. Where’s the solid journalism coverage like in the first Gulf War? Dead and gone.

But, I read something that was intellectually engaging and pointed out flaws in popular culture…on CNN!

I am referring to The Dalai Lama is wrong, a post on CNN’s religions blog by Stephen Prothero. The Dalai Lama claims that there is “Many Faiths, One Truth.” The truth is all religions are based around compassion. Wrong. Prothero correctly points out the raison d’etre of the major religions aren’t all compassion, as the Dalai Lama claims, but each religion has a different ‘truth’. Compassion is the root of Dalai Lama’s religion only, as he is supposed to be the reincarnation of the Buddha of compassion.

Even preaching tolerance, religious leaders can’t help but espouse their own values as universal to other religious codes.

As Prothero correctly points out: Jesus’ purpose wasn’t to bring compassion, it was to deliver Jews and gentiles from sin. And Buddha’s purpose wasn’t to bring compassion, but to get rid of suffering.

In a way, religious moderation and religious tolerance don’t make as much sense as fundamentalism. In fundamentalism, you believe that every other culture has it wrong, and your unverifiable miracles performed at least a couple centuries ago actually happened from the Correct Deity(ies). So you’re totally justified in acting like a jerk. In religious tolerance and moderation, contradictions and obvious context gaps between religions don’t matter because religion’s only use is to make us feel better about our mortality. The end.

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