Best Comment Ever Read

so evolution of a species due to climate change (through natural cross-breading)….hmm. The religious republicans should have their minds blown twice over. Gawker.

Meet the grolar bear! A cross-breed

Light grammar problems aside (and I’m positive there are Democrats equally willfully ignorant), for every 100 comments you read, you come across one worthwhile. The stuffed bear above is a second generation polar-grizzly bear mix. These bears have white fur, but are thicker in skeletal frame, closer to their grizzly bear ancestor. Yes, but where’s the crocobear? Evolution doesn’t exist unless there was an animal that was all animals!

I wish I had made this. Citation.

And the commenter is right. This is evidence of an offspring substantially different from their parents created by natural selection – in this case a warming habitat pushing grizzly bears north – that is fertile and continues these traits through generations. That is after all, the heart of Darwin’s theory.

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