Another Blow to the Anti-Vax Movement

You know what feels good?

Being part of the establishment. I get monthly checks for writing some of this stuff about alt-med and how vaccines are safe.

Oh wait. There is no establishment, and I don’t get a monthly check. But guess what guys! Andrew Wakefield was just found guilty of medical misconduct! And removed for the

From the BBC:

In making the verdict on the sanctions, Dr Surendra Kumar, the panel’s chairman, said Dr Wakefield had “brought the medical profession into disrepute” and his behaviour constituted “multiple separate instances of serious professional misconduct”.

In total, he was found guilty of more than 30 charges.

Dr Kumar also explained the reasoning for striking Dr Wakefield off.

“The panel concluded that it is the only sanction that is appropriate to protect patients and is in the wider public interest, including the maintenance of public trust and confidence in the profession, and is proportionate to the serious and wide-ranging findings made against him.”

Aside from being a scumbag, Andrew Wakefield knows how to throw a party too!

And the panel hearing the case took exception with the way he gathered blood samples. Dr Wakefield paid children £5 for the samples at his son’s birthday party.

Yup, total scumbag.

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