WaPo Writes a Good Editorial, Tells Cuccinelli to Stuff It.

A follow up to this post. And a counter argument against this post…well…sort of. The Washington Post wrote a great editorial about Cuccinelli’s investigation into Michael Mann relating to the “climate gate” non-thing, and it’s amazing. Summary: Cuccinelli should STF up. Read the whole thing, but here is the best part:

By equating controversial results with legal fraud, Mr. Cuccinelli demonstrates a dangerous disregard for scientific method and academic freedom. The remedy for unsatisfactory data or analysis is public criticism from peers and more data, not a politically tinged witch hunt or, worse, a civil penalty. Scientists and other academics inevitably will get things wrong, and they will use public funds in the process, because failure is as important to producing good scholarship as success. For the commonwealth to persecute scientists because one official or another dislikes their findings is the fastest way to cripple not only its stellar flagship university, but also its entire public higher education system.

Exactly. Go Washington Post.

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