Teaching Moment: CNN Learns Shapes

A war memorial shaped like a cross that has been at the center of a Supreme Court fight has been torn down by vandals from its remote perch in a California desert. – CNN

This is a square.

4 sides, equal length.

This is a triangle.

3 sides, angles = to 180 degrees

This is a cross.

Shape: Cross. Symbol: Christian, not Fallen Soldier

Contrary to CNN and the Supreme Court, it is not “shaped like a cross”, it is a cross.

The cross is not the symbol of all fallen soldiers, only Christian ones. This is why Jewish fallen soldiers have the Star of David and Muslim’s the Crescent. Since all fallen soldiers of World War I (the cross’ memorial war) were not Christian, it cannot be a WWI memorial, nor allowed to stand on government land. Kudos to whoever stole it.

CNN: Grow some fortitude and tell it like it is please.

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