Uncomfortable Fact of the Day

1,119 persons on the Terror Watch List have been able to purchase weapons. One bought 50 pounds of explosives. Mayor Bloomberg testimonial.

But they all can’t fly on planes, except when they are suspects in a failed bombing attempt, so I feel perfectly safe.

This is an insane policy. There are restrictions on other amendments in the Bill of Rights. The 2nd should be no different.


And I’ve included a Gun Nut discussion on Bloomberg’s comments here for comedy. My favorite is:

Did that ‘terrorist’ actually admit to leaving those handguns in those places? Or, maybe, they were “found”..

When it comes to this issue and the “official” reports/findings, I feel I am justified in my skepticism. I trust NO ONE connected with the Democrat Party or Bloomberg’s office.

It’s the black helicopters man. They landed in the parking lot and planted a killing device in the car of someone who already tried to kill lots of people. I mean, isn’t it obvious? But he’s skeptical, until he won’t trust anyone with a different point of view. And then he’s cynical.

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