Oil Mess

I’m hesitant to call it a spill. To me a spill is when you knock your glass of milk over. This seems like more of a rupture, or an oil escape (I just did some more research. It is called a “blowout”). I’m not going to post about the politics of oil rigs and the clean up. I will point you to a blog post with some math and physics behind the spill.

Dynamics of Cats – volumes of oil

If the leak will take 9 months – 200 days – to contain, then at the low estimated leak rate it will spill a million barrels, or little over 100,000 tons. At the higher estimated leak rates the spill would be exactly like Ixtoc-1 – 4 million barrels or half million tons in the ocean.
About 10-12 Exxon Valdez sized spills!

The bad news is that there is a lot of oil flowing out of the hole.

There is no good news.

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