The Real America Takes As Much As It Can In Fees and Perks – Charge Baby Charge!

Then Palin took the stage. “Thank you, tea-party America!” she yelled. “Do you love your freedom?” Palin primed the crowd. “My husband, Todd, is here … I was gonna ask Todd if I could borrow his sunglasses, but I’d have to take these off, though, and it’d make it really rough for me to see the teleprompter, and then I realized, ‘No teleprompter, time to kick it old-school!’ ” She raised her palms marked with pen. “Good thing I remembered how to use a poor man’s version of the teleprompter!” The crowd exploded in cheers. For the next nineteen minutes, Palin worked her true believers into ecstasy. Citation

In my mind, populist politicians should act like the populace – the Real Americans in this case – they’re trying to espouse.  Sarah Palin is no populist. What is the financial equivalent to the poor man’s:

  • Charging $1.2 million per episode to host Sarah Palin’s Alaska?
  • Charging $100,000 to speak to anybody? Excluding her $100K charge to the Tea Party Nation, which she gives to charity from now on. Probably angered the base too much.
  • $7 million for Going Rogue with HarperCollins ?
  • $1 million/year for three years for a position as Fox News correspondent?
  • Lear jets at $1500/flight hour?

Nobody should mind if elites act elitist, doing things like charging exorbitant fees for speaking and requiring many conditions for travel, as elites typically bring something of value. It’s Palin’s folksy facade – this she’s one of us sentiment – that really bugs me. No successful politician is a “regular person”, no matter what party. However, all politicians use people to their advantage in very obvious and socially acceptable ways. Sarah Palin’s cash-in is a textbook case.

Sorry, seems so basic, but it was on my mind.

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