Read this on Greg Laden’s blog, but he was nowhere near angry enough. I am angry. Because this is fucking stupid.

Lets take a look at this article from AOL News:

Teen Suspended Over Revealing Prom Dress

The Oxford, Ala., high school student found her perfect prom dress online — a sea foam green cocktail frock with a jeweled bodice and a tutu-style skirt. Unfortunately for DeRamus, the dress got her kicked out of her prom and suspended for three days for violating her school’s dress code.

O.K., whatever. I’m sure that happens all the time in this country, lets keep going.

“I was so excited because it was my senior prom and I’d never been to a senior prom,” DeRamus told Alabama’s WBRC-TV.

But her excitement didn’t last long.

Oxford High School officials said DeRamus’s outfit was too low-cut and too short, breaking the rules of the school’s dress code — which stipulates that necklines must not plunge below students’ breastbones and skirt hems must not be higher than six inches above the knee.

“It’s there for the protection of kids… not for management of kids,” Oxford High School Principal Trey Holloday told WBRC.

LOL@ “protection of kids.” OMG the cleavage is gonna eat me alive!!!!

Even so, DeRamus argued her dress was not that revealing.

“‘What cleavage?’ That’s exactly what I said,” DeRamus said. ” I wasn’t trying to be rude or anything, but that’s what I feel.”

Of the 352 Oxford High students who attended the prom, officials said 18 violated the dress code. All but DeRamus chose paddling as punishment, with DeRamus opting for a three-day suspension.

“I’m a little too old to get paddled…This is high school, we’re seniors,” DeRamus told WBRC. “If we’re going to act up, give us another option besides being paddled because this isn’t the 1940s. We don’t take corporal punishment now.”

Wait. What? Paddling? Please, tell me more about this.

DeRamus’s mother, Darrie DeRamus, supported her daughter’s decision — and her choice of dress.

“If I felt like there was too much cleavage on that dress, I wouldn’t have purchased the dress,” she said. “It would’ve stayed in the store and I wouldn’t have gone on the Internet and paid for it.”

And that’s it. The article ends. Nothing more about the paddling. What. The. Fuck.

There are two things here. First, how could the article not talk more about the paddling? School administrators beating their kids because they didn’t dressed like nuns, this seems like news to me. Instead they choose to focus on the one student who didn’t stand up against a rule that might be a bit ridiculous. It’s not like they were dressed like hookers. Second, is suspension suppose to be the harsher punishment? What is wrong with the school administrators in Oxford County? This should not be acceptable. For any reason. This is so absurd its almost funny, but it’s not.

If the waiter in a restaurant was surly to me, is it O.K. if i paddle him? No, I would be charged with battery. These kids did nothing wrong that required a physical punishment. What makes it O.K. for this to happen in school? If I’m understanding what happened correctly, the school administrators paddled the children to protect them. Talk about being hypocritical. The only thing these kids need protection from are the administrators and their paddles. Will the administrators be paddled if their school fails to meet testing standards?

Maybe the school administrators just get aroused by paddling teenage girls. Fucking pervs.

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