Consumer Science! Smartphone Touchscreens

Man, what a relief, the health care debate is over, now Congress can move on to its next important business, health care….what? Motion to recommit. Another vote needed to reconcile? ugh

ANYWAY, with that, time to get our attention to Science! And Consumerism. Not so exciting – definitely not exclamatory, I know, but still important – because we’re not just skeptical of what ideas people are selling us, but also the products they’re trying to sell us. In this first segment, we’ll highlight how Science! can help you in your next smartphone purchase. Want a phone that’s sensitive? Responsive to your every touch? Identifies with your struggle for purpose and identity in this seemingly random and unforgiving reality? Well, Moto Development Group has performed a study to help you with the first two of those.

Using an industrial robot with a precise pressure and speed mechanism, the Moto Development Group tested a range of smartphones for the responsiveness of their touchscreens.

In their first test, Moto had used human fingers. Some protested because of variations in varying finger width. Don’t see the problem personally, given the need of human fingers to operate smartphones. So they used a gentle, caressing robot, because robots will be better at everything eventually.

And the winner is: iPhone! ***George brought up a good point, Moto doesn’t say if it’s the latest version of the iPhone, but I believe their touchscreen remains the same. *** Motorola’s Droid came in third, so props to Motorola for keeping it fair. And yet … hmmm, can a robot really be impartial judging the DROID?

The clear loser is: BlackBerry Storm.This is something all BlackBerry Storm users know, when we can’t spell the damned password to our phone until the 8th try, even under extreme sobriety. The chart illuminating my stupid consumer choice is below.

iPhone is best for robots. They have dainty digits.

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